suicide predisposition

I have been told that suicide as some sort of genetic predisposition , is it true , and if so how can this be , I mean how could these genes survive.



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From what I read , there is strong evidence that a suicide in the family enhances greatly another suicide. 

Danish researchers tracked 4,262 people between the ages of 9 and 45 who had committed suicide and compared them to more than 80,000 controls. They evaluated the suicide history of parents and siblings, history of psychiatric illness among parents and siblings and other data.

Those with a family history of suicide were two and a half times more likely to take their own life than were those without such a history. And a family history of psychiatric illness requiring hospital admission increased suicide risk by about 50 percent for those who did not have a history of psychiatric problems themselves.

Firstly, having a genetic predisposition to a condition does not mean that the condition will occur. Many people have a genetic predisposition to cancer, heart problems etc, and they do not necessarily develop symptoms.

Suicide is more common in people who suffer from depression or psychiatric problems. Many of these problems are hereditary, so the children of someone who suffers from one of these problems may have a genetic predisposition to the same condition, and therefore be in a higher risk group for suicide. But that is not the whole picture. Research has shown that if a child commits suidice then his classmates are more likely to try suicide as well, as are members of his family. The cause for this is not really known, but it is not necessarily genetic.

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I don't think it's necessarily that suicide itself is genetically passed down, rather the depression that leads to it.

All I know specifically about suicide is that two of my uncles, and my grandfather on my mother's side committed suicide (that I know of), and my grandfather on my father's side did so (probably), in the 20th century.  None of my siblings nor I have ever seriously considered suicide (that I know of), but a nephew of mine is a drug addict in denial, is extremely depressed, and is probably suicidal.  (He's over 21, so can't be committed unless he does something overt.)

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