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What is your opinion! dialogue with my friend an atheist? 13

Nice Today , Do Atheists have a conscience inside ? Let us start now . ******You speak reverently about conscience', said my friend, 'as if it were an absolute entity. It is ...
  Posted 5 days ago .


Repair PDF File

Many of the times user want to quick and best recovery, in that case Kernel for PDF File Repair software is the best choice for users. It's easily repair corrupted or damaged ...
  Posted 2 days ago .


What is your opinion! dialogue with my friend an atheist? 14

White Friday Upon you All , Can you prepare your hot cup of coffee for my super x- large information Today (( The NOBLE QURAN)), To start now , My friend spoke slowly choosing ...
  Posted 21 hours ago .


Antisocial personality disorder.

Our staff leftist has proved that all leftists suffer a marked disability: antisocial personality disorder. While this disorder is grounds for psychiatric discharge from the Armed ...
  Posted 3 months ago .


Does our staff leftist ever tire of world wide ridicule?

So far I have seen over 1,000 rational persons on AOL Answers -- 400 of whom our idiotic leftist has chased out with talk of racism, leftist politics, and just plain stupidity. To ...
  Posted 5 months ago .