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I have been suffering from depression all my life ...

I have been suffering from depression all my life but in past few years the depressions have been lasting 9 months to a year how long will it take to get social security disability?

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The answer to that varies.   I can give you the average length of time it takes for each stage; obviously, many cases can vary from the average by quite a bit.

Initial Claim and Reconsideration (first two steps):  average 4 months.

Hearing:  Depends on the area; in my area (Central Florida):  additional 14 months.


Good luck with your case.



Former Social Security employee and supervisor

Current Disability Representative


David Disability Representative Former Social Security Employee and Supervisor http://www.disabilityexpertsfl.com

I don't know how long will it take to be eligible for social security disability but I would surely suggest you take out some time and do some mediation. It helps a lot with depression and stress.

Being in depression for such a long time is not good for your health.

The reasons for having depression may vary, but there are a number of treatment methods, which can help you deal with the mental illness. The two most common methods are the usage of medications and therapy. However, a combination of the two methods seems to be the best solution. There are also alternative methods such as usage of herbs and acupuncture, for those who prefer the more natural attempt on dealing with problems.How to deal with depression

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