Why can't I submit my question?

I try to ask a question but I keep getting an error page.

What's wrong?

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Have you added topics to your question?

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when you  have angles that are 45 what will be the measurements

How long does a 10mg of ritalin stay in your system for a drug screening

To: yedda.com


You keep telling me my email account is not valid. I don't know what you mean. What do you mean?



Live all you can while you can because it's later than you think.

i would just like to know if just turning 50 in fairly good health ,girls i know seem to find me pasable love to dance love to go to the casinos love to try and satisfy a lady so why am i feeling useless im not suicidal or anything  but i would love to meet a nice looking lady just to have fun with. im starting to think its just to late

sorry im not trying to be rude.my best friend toasted me this like30yrs ago so.heres to the hole that never heals the more you rub it the bettet it feels.

I want to get my picture with the founders. Goldman, Stanton and Wink. Everytime when I try, They leave or hurry. That bothers or scared me. What can I do? I'm VERY brave.

People. I am getting a post deleted. Not all posts, just one. It is an historical item I am trying to share with you all, but now, I wonder if someone is trying to staffle my freedom of speech. If an answer, or you are having this problem yourself, contact me at the last page of Best religion. Thank you;



Shalom-Peace-is the process; Ahave-love-the result

It seems more likely that a glitch or gremlin is happening to your post. -I have seen many really nasty posts being put up and only later disappearing when somebody complains. -I would try re-wording it a bit differently and post again.Cool

What is truth -

"Twitter" has the absolute worst reputation of any bulletin board in the entire world: it is racist, sexist, insulting, cold, and vulgar.  Anyone who is not as bitter and violent as the management will find his posts deleted as their way to maintain anti-Christian and anti-Jewish hate in accordance with the suicide bomber rule book published by Al Qaeda.

Here we see the entire function of the Twits to rule this board with an iron fist and mindless hate.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

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I guess the Stalker only had a half day off. My bad.

Yedda question

I had the same issue with one question. I closed my browser and then reloaded it again. I did have to re-answer the question and it worked this time. I was just about to submit "feedback" but I got the submit to finally work. This only happened with 1 question. Others were just fine.

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Ok first Elden I think my specialty would be writing I've always wanted to be an author. Bonestructure I am very fond of paranormal fantasy and fantasy fiction I am currently writing two (rough drafts) series of books (i am on book 1 of both) and I know it might not be a good idea to write two books ...

I submitted 18 interview questions within a space of 2 minutes. Why did

I saw those. Quite frankly, those were very annoying and they came off as either advertising or spam. Since I recognized your screen name and icon, I realized they were probably neither so I merely ignored them. Evidently, someone else reported them as such and Yedda must have concurred, so they ...