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I try to ask a question but I keep getting an error page. What's wrong?

It seems more likely that a glitch or gremlin is happening to your post. -I have seen many really nasty posts being put up and only later disappearing when somebody complains. -I would try re-wording it a bit differently and post again.Cool

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~Sweet Gypsey~ Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Why can't I submit my question? – Answer by charlie2911 on Yedda.

Charlie I just tried to post a comment, and this is not the first time, you go through spellcheck and the works...and it goes puff!
Why bother wasting our time..
Sweet Gypsey


hahaha...Sweet Gypsey and Charlie.....this "question" is over 2 years old....And yes Yedda is still in the process of 'upgrading' ...or updating the site....Tongue out

Rose Lewis Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Your site is not helpful,it's a complete waste of time

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