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Stuff to get high off of?

what are houeshold things i can get high off of and how? if your just going to say its bad to do drugs dnt bother leaving a coment Tongue out

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Don't worry I won't say it's bad or even stupid, your just so pathetic that in order to get high this is how you go about it.  O.K. I lied in this case drugs probably won't make you stupid because I don't think you could be dumber.  Lets see so now you'll use my criticisim as an excuse to get high.

u can eat about 5 to 6 grams of nutmeg. ive never done it ive jus heard about it. some people say that its awesome and u feel euphoria and a complete high, and others say the high is nothing special and not worth it cause after the high wears off u sleep a really long time and feel like crap when u wake up...

if u have reddiwhip or somethin like that, hold the can upright and inhale it. The can is pressurized with nitrous oxide, the stuff that dentists use to put u to sleep, and it'll fuck u up pretty good. umm...

u can huff jus about ne thing but i wouldnt recommend it unless u dont care about brain damage.

another fun thing to do that doesnt require anything but urself, and theres two ways to do it...

1. sit down on ur bed, breathe in and out as DEEPLY and as FAST as u can about 20 to 30 times, then on the last breath hold it in, pinch ur nose, close ur mouth, and try to push the air out as hard as u can, but dont let ne air out, and keep pushin until u pass out or come near it.

2. (requires 2 ppl) the person thats gonna pass out(person 1) crouches down on the floor. Then  person 2 stands up behind person 1. then person 1 breathes in and out, just as u did in the first way, then stand up really fast, cross ur arms, and pinch ur nose, and evrything else just as in the first way. Then the other person bear hugs the one trying to pass out until they do, then they try to lay down the passed out person so they dont hurt themselves.

both of those r pretty f***in awesome and ive tried them my self. when u breathe rapidly u get really dizzy, then when ur about to pass out its like ur falling asleep. when u start to wake up it a great euphoria like ur in a dream. then u do it again until ur tired of it

note: the passing out may cause a headache afterwards.

ive heard that u can scrape the banana peels, dry them and smoke them, maybe peanut skins also. idk if it works cause ive never done it. thats jus what i heard, but if ur desperate you'll try ne thing.

if u have pain pills u can get high off of those. u can snort them or swallow them. some common ones are lortab, vicodin, percocet, and if ur lucky oxycontin. and u might find a bottle that'll say hyrdocodone, or oxycodone which are the fancy name for pain killers. but a warning for pain pills... i would recommend only doin a couple every week or two so u dont get addicted to them. cause trust me a couple of weeks ago i was poppin about 3 or 4 lortabs a day and then i noticed i needed to take more to get high and i knew i was gettin addicted, so i stopped them cold turkey. the next 3 or 4 days i couldnt sleep, and i felt like complete sh** all day long, and im jus now gettin back to normal. so if u do them do them in modesty. but if u do do them, theyre pretty fun and give u a good high.

if uve never tried tobacco or if u dont already use it, then try to find some ciggs or some snuff. pack a fatty, or smoke a cig. if u try the cigs then when u inhale hold it in as long as u can to get the most out of it. the buzz lasts about 5-15 min depending on the circumstances. but if uve never smoked b4 then it'll probly make u cough a lot, and if uve never dipped b4 then it might make u sick, jus dont swallow the spit.... (im only saying this cause idk how old u are and u may have not of tried tobacco yet.)

Theres also triple c's(coricedin cough and cold). take about 6 of those and it'll get u high. Theres something called DXM in these pills which is what gets u high.but be patient cause it can take about 2 to 3 hours, depending on how many u take, to kick in. But also do these in modesty cause if u do them a lot  u'll build up a dependancy and want to take more which can b dangerous.

Roubitussin Cough Syrup also has DXM. drink about half or more of 1 bottl e and it'll get u high too. mbut be careful with the stuff with dxm cause it also has something like acemptamine or soemthin like that which u can od on.

thats all i no about house hold stuff that'll get u high, but ill go ahead and tell u some other stuff too, u may or may not know it but it doesnt hurt to tell

weed, thats my favorite drug of choice.

salvia divinorum, i jus hear about it recently. its completely legal in the u.s. except for like 10 or 11 states. u can even buy it on amazon. lol. but i heard its a one hit high. when u get high off it its like complete euphoria and maybe some hallucionations. its lasts for about 5 or 10 min. but then u jus take 1 more hit and ur back on the rollercoaster. lol.or at least thats what ive heard... legal and awesome.

ps. its always better to do ur own research and come up[ with ur own opinions and ideas about t5hings. a good site to research is www.erowid.com.

pss. good luck and happy gettin high.

nabumetone can you get high from it

Oh god I went to high school once so I'll just keep typing until i run out of stuff to say.  I mean, there's pleanty of things people say they get high off of (many are fake and ridiculous) but if you're curious enough to ask, theres not that many that actually do get you "high" because a lot of them are just side effects (for example; people will huff some kind of household chemical and feel strange thinking they're high when really its just their brain having lack of oxygen...).  Getting "high" is when the substance causes an actual chemical change that effects your cognition and perception (like typical narcotic drugs such as weed, ecstasy, heroin, lsd, shrooms..etc).  So obviously this is all at your own risk but if someone's going to try and bunch of stuff to get high, theyre gonna do it anyhow (for all the responses thatll say stuff other than real answers), so I guess i might as well save you the trouble, money, time, and brain damage of the fake ones so you can just do it right.. Just remember to never do ANYTHING without proper research and if it didnt work for others, it's not worth tryin.


So if you're looking for house-hold highs by things that you can just get from any store or house or legal highs;

1-Well first obviously is lookin in the medicine cabinet in your house. Any opiates or benzodiazephines will get you "high."  If you find any, make sure to look up the lethal dose before playing around of course.  2-Theres also stuff you can buy to get high off of. You can definitely get high off of canned whipped cream (most common= Reddi Whip).  Just buy like 5 cans with a couple friends, turn on some music and sit on the ground in a circle (dont stand). This is very common and called "whip-its" justDONT shake the can at all, hold them with the tip pointing straight up, pucker your lips in a small O shape and put right above on the top of the tip but not completely sealed around it, breath out and then very very slightly push the tip foward so only air comes out of it and while it's coming out you should be breathing in the entire time... hold in the hit and your ears will pop/ring, youll giggle and feel really weird but it wears off VERY fast (hence why people buy like 5-10 bottles to pass around the circle~). 3-There's also some more intense stuff you can try that are cheap but common legal highs.  Things that have hallucinogenic properties.  For instance, "robotripping" is a very common thing with young teens where you drink an entire bottle of robotussin. It may sound stupid but it has something called dextromethorphan (DXM) that is very strong! It lasts for hours and is obvious to people who aren't under it's influence so dont do it around your house when your parents are home or at school..etc.  4- You can try another hallucinogen that's common and natural which is Morning Glory seeds...(yes the plant).  Just got to home depot and buy some of them in the little packages where you get flower seeds from (usually have the "heavenly blue" variety).  Look online for the proper amount/use..etc and have an amazing experience that is very surprising! This is also like robo tripping where it lasts a long time..etc.  And if you like these, even better is something called Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. 5- You can even order stuff online that is legal that can get you high.  The most commonly talked about one at the moment is Salvia Divinorum. You smoke it and it's very intense yet only lasts minutes.  Its a great experience and can be ordered cheap in various strengths for different feelings. In extremely large doses one can actually hallucinate. 6- You can also order nitrous... safe and common (same thing used at the dentist/hospital) and is a quick high but when you're bored with a bunch of friends its a good laugh.  7-If you want something mild you can experiment with herbal smokes.  The weed looking ones with fancy names dont get you high (like on legalbuds.com or whatever..etc). But there are things like "Spice Gold" and "Spice Silver"...etc that can actually get you mildly high and are cheap/competely legal.  Off the top of my head, others include; Kava Kava, Kratom, Wormwood (is especially good WITH marijuana), Ayahuasca (VERY strong), Belladonna, Brugmasia, Bretel Nut, Yerba Mate, Opium Lettuce, Kola Nut, Khat Kanna, Jurema, Jimsonweed, Trichocereus, Passion Flower, and Ololiuqui. 6- And if you get bored and want to experiement with something natural, safe, and non-addictive that's "illegal" you can easily grow your own shrooms.  All you need to do is order the spores online and follow online directions (there's MANY methods but you can pick one that costs pennies) to grow the mycelia and once done, you put it in a clear container with small holes in the top and put it in the sun (infront of window usually) while opening it up to spray them/the container many times a day to keep it very very moist.  The shrooms will grow very fast and you pick them once the tiny skirt on the stem seperates from the cap's neck.  Lay them out to dry on a paper towel and unless you wanna take spore print for later growings, they're ready to eat! (for your first time  start with the most common 3.5grams)

Have fun, research, and be safe.

You can high off of allergy pills dude. Like Benedryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, ect. Anything allergy pretty much will get you fucked if you take enough. Like 7 or 8. I'm up to about 12 or 13 though. Or Unisom is the shit to get high off of, like I said if you take enough. Or if you have 2 liter bottles of Sprite or something in your house, just open the lid and inhale the inside of the bottle, it's awesome. It only last a few seconds though and you breathe kinda rapidly right before it phases you, but it feels awesome. Or of course like spay paint in your garage, you can huff that. Or nutmeg, you can eat it or smoke it, I've done both. I didn't think it was that great, but a high is a high. There's also like Reddiwhip cans, those contain nitrous oxide, it's really good. But I'm just gonna go back to pills again cause those are my favorite, literally almost anything can get you high when it comes to pills. Okay, not literally, but close. Nasal decongestant, pain killers, sleeping aids, allergy medicine, cough medicine(pill or liquid form), nyquil, dayquil, sudafed, ibuprofen pm and soo much more. Cause dude, that's just off the top of my head.

muciniex dm, it gets you pretty fucked up. if you take about 7 or 8 your good for the day it lasts around a day and a half, and gets you extra fucked upp. one time me and my friend took it and when we woke up we were still feelin itt. it makes you feel happy too. Baisicaly its cough syrup in a pill:) if you dont like the taste of the syrup(which i dont thats why i tried this) then you will like this, but be careful your pupils might get a little big from this, and have eye drops handy just incase. one of my friends took 20 of these, which i dont reccomend because he felt like he was going to die the whole trip. the most i have taken was 10 and it was the best trip ive had. doing this is fun, but you need to make sure that parents are gone, unless you can act straight with them being there(but pretending is no fun) another drug that is realy fun is K2, but i try not to do that as much anymore because there sapposivly has been 14 people who have had seizures on it and 1 person in a coma. the first k2 ive tried was k2 summit and that got us extra fucked upp(btw k2 is legal for now and in my opinion it gets you higher than weed) then i tried k2 pink, i like pink the best. it lasts about 30 mins of the extreme high then it wears off slowly within an hour and thirty minutes. so its perfect if you go 2 your friends house and have to be home a certain time, so by the time your home your not high anymore. i just stuck to k2 regaurdless of my research because they dont drug test for it because its legal, but now that its summer time ill probably go back to my regular weed(: i like weed because it lasts longer, but k2 is a stronger more intense high. another reason i started smoking k2 is that its cheaper than weed, 3gs for $40, well its cheaper than some weed. if your going to try either of the drugs ive been talking about, you should do your own research, and you should be safe and know where your parents are so you can stay away from them, until your high is gone. have fun but be safe, good luck:)

find 5 bucks go to the nearest corner & buy a joint(:

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