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Studying in an online university?

Studying in an online university seems to be a good alternative to going to regular college. The problem is to keep yourself motivated to study and do your homework. How do you deal with it?

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It's good idea to be learn online.  Since many people are short of time, it is a better option.  Here is one such community education site, which helps your growth and career beyond university.  Hope this helps you.

Growth Education . . .Partners in Community Education

Online colleges and traditional colleges have the same goal in mind — to provide students with an education in order to earn their degrees. While their purpose is the same, each one has significant differences that set them apart. A key difference between online and traditional colleges is the Internet-based curriculum. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, an online class is defined as "a formal education process in which the students and instructor are not in the same place." This means that all exams, quizzes, lectures and reading in online classes are done on the Web. This is the biggest change when transitioning from traditional, classroom learning. But, many students have overcome the challenge of learning online and have adapted quite well to the system. I did a search for information and found http://www.onlinecollege247.com a reliable source...

Online education, offers specific skills, knowledge, and experience to reach a particular industry or career path. It is catered to self-starters and do-it-yourself individuals who have a clear goal in mind and don't need to be babied in the process of getting a degree. In essence, they broaden the state of education by shifting away from academia to more real-world applications and by simply having a clear purpose.

In my experience online degrees are treated basically the same as a degree from a campus program. I would make sure that any schools you are looking at are accredited and I would look into a number of schools so that you can decide which one is the best fit for you, your tuition requirements, schedule and reputation. I did a search for information and found http://www.onlinecollege247.com

An online college is usually a for profit institution. In many cases, the faculty are not academics, but people who work in the field and who earn extra money teaching. The upside is that they have real-world experience but the downside is that they are not "teachers" and may not really know HOW to teach properly. And since many of them get paid by the course, and teach part-time in addition to their regular full-time job, they may not put as much time into the course or be as available as you might wish.

You've to be careful while choosing the college. Most universities today offer online classes. If you are enrolled in a university and take an online course, the course definitely will count towards your degree. However, if you take classes from an online college, and then want to transfer to a traditional four-year university, it is possible that not all your online credits will transfer. Particularly if the online college is not accredited or if the courses are not ones that the university will accept then you lose out. This is a reasonably good online resource on online college, http://www.onlinecollege247.com

Studying online can be the best solution if you want to continue your education without leaving your job. You should make sure that you attend a well-reputed college that has good reviews and clear accreditation like Independence University. Keep in mind that studying online means setting up your own schedule and keeping yourself disciplined is the hardest part.

Well, you have to have very strict self-discipline. That's all and online university will be the best thing you ever did!

There are a lot of online universities and of course they all offer good and quality education. You just need to determine what's the best university for you. Some of the online university you can choose is http://www.testdrivecollege.com/. I hope this one helps. Now to keep you motivated you should keep in mind your goals in life. How do you see yourself 4-5 from now. You should always examine your goals. 

There are numerous difficulties with online teaching: the lack of personal interaction makes matters more difficult than they should be.  More importantly, there is the lack of that all-important scholastic discipline that makes for the eventual development of professional discipline.

It is by far more important to bring out the personal element than to simply be fed information -- that may or may not be genuine.

Eschew Obfuscation!

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