Which company is the best settlement funding company?

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Last week while working on my ranch in the Southern Sierra mountains, I was attacked and badly mauled by a predatory black bear. Although my face was ripped off, and I was blinded, I was able to make my way back to my vehicle and drive myself down a rutted mountain road to a fire station for help. From there I was airlifted to Medical Center where a team of nearly a hundred people put me back together in a grueling seven-hour emergency surgery. Although I’ve maintained a private individual health insurance policy but my Insurance I got structured settlement from my insurance company which was not sufficient for me to pay the hospital bills. Then somebody told me about the best settlement funding company genex capital deals with structured settlement payment. I sell structured settlements as well as selling annuity payments. I got structured settlement payment which was very helpful for me, thanks to genex capital. j.g wentworth  

I went to doctor with a cold & chest pain. Following chest X-Ray and subsequent CT scan, was referred to Oncologist with suspected lymphoma. Oncologist put odds of lymphoma at 75% and recommended biopsy. Put pressure on me like a car sales man to have the biopsy done ASAP and forced me to go to a specific surgeon. Surgeon said he doesn’t accept any insurance but his office staff will help with filing paperwork for out of network benefits with insurance company. Surgeon’s office started calling me 5 times a day asking me to not delay and get the biopsy done ASAP. I called my insurance company was decided to be on settlement payments which was not helpful to pay off bills. I was looking forward to a lump sum settlement payment to clear off. Then somebody told me about the best settlement funding company genex capital deals with Cash for structured settlements   insurance which can help me to come out of my stress.  j.g wentworth

After Flores’s husband was killed in a tragic accident, Flores’s family was awarded a structured settlement. However, she soon realized that the settlement payments she and her three daughters were receiving were not enough. With debt piling up, she decided to call the best settlement funding company genex capital deals with Cash for structured settlements   insurance which can help me to come out of my stress and loss. That was a great and timely help to find out her girls, get back on their feet. j.g wentworth

"We had major medical health insurance when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987," recalls Leslie Elder of West Palm Beach, Fla. "After a radical mastectomy, I was again diagnosed with breast cancer and had another radical mastectomy in 1992. Left with huge unpaid balances and tripling premiums, we were forced to drop the insurance in 2003." "In 2005 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, resulting in the removal of one and part of the other kidney. I don’t have enough money to pay hospital bills. Then I came to know about best settlement funding company, genex capital. I sell structured settlements as well as selling annuity payments. I got structured settlement payment, thanks to genex capital. j.g wentworth

"I'm a very hard-working single mom, but my income puts me in the no man's land of making too much for assistance but not enough to support my daughter and me," explains Carolyn Freeman of Cottonwood, Ariz. "I make sure my daughter has health insurance, but it comes with lifetime exclusion for anything related to her stomach." "I pay $69.95 a month for a 'discount plan' for myself that saves me very little and requires me to travel 50 to 100 miles to a doctor who accepts the plan. I have three test orders from my doctor, including an endoscopy and sonogram, but I simply can't afford them." Then I came in contact with Genex capital got my insurance reclaimed after the court’s permission and I sell structural settlement to genex capital. With the help of lump sum settlement, I paid all the hospital bills. It is the best settlement funding  organization. 

Do you know what is a structure settlement? Or how do you go about searching for the best structured settlement quotes. Well I can tell you from my own experience that Genex Capital is one of the most reputed companies I have ever come across who keep their word in every manner. I would certainly recommend this company to everyone concerned so that they do not waste much time going around in circles. Of course I even found it better than my earlier company j.g wentworth.

I am not very educated and neither very familiar with legal stuff so the thing which worried me most when we were selling structured settlement in return for immediate financial gain was whether it would be easy to fill in so many forms, comply with regulations and all that. It is only a good structured settlement company that would go out of the way to buy your annuity at the said price.


New Mexico attorney Jody Neal-Post says she was beaten and choked by her ex-husband in 2009. When she tried to get health insurance in 2010, it was rejected because of this medical history. Many states prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage due to past abuse. Then one of her friend introduced her with Genex Capital for her case. She heaved a sigh of relief when they paid her settlement payment. Genex is one of the best settlement funding company.

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