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Strange symptoms?

Hi, I have quite a few strange symptoms that have become more severe recently and I'm wondering if you can help me out. I have memory loss, an occasional inability to understand what people say (sounds like gibberish), and have grown increasingly impatient. I have strange habits, too, that have gotten worse, like singing the same line from a song for 45 minutes straight (by myself; I want to do it around others but I know it annoys them). I also can't tune out background noise at all, and get really irritated and overwhelmed when there are two or three noises simultaneously (like the TV is on, people are talking quietly in the background, and then someone asks me a question...I get a sensory overload). I was just curious about all this and couldn't find anything online about it. Any help you could give me (even just symptom names) would be great. Thanks!

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It is next to impossible to diagnose someone online, especially when most of us on this site are just average men & women, not doctors.

But in my opinion, what you describe sounds like it could have a physical basis and not necessarily a mental one. If I were you, I'd make an appointment with my doctor and get a referral to a neurologist, if necessary. Good luck.

A sudden inability to process or retain information may have a physiological basis. I would begin by seeing your regular primary care physician and telling him exactly what you wrote.  Sometimes, trying to use the given/learned diagnostic terms doesn't work in your favor as they will come with preconceived notions and criteria. Use your own words and feelings to describe your symptoms and let the professional who is evaluating you name them.  Should it be indicated, your MD can refer you for a neuropsych consult.  Please don't delay in getting your MD's opinion as anything that influences general brain function which occurs suddenly needs immediate attention. Good luck to you. 

See a Neurologist.

We,re all waiting in line to die so let,s make the best of life.

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It is very strange, love. Madam Z

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