Storing Bananas in the refrigerator

True or false: Bananas shouldn't be stored in the refrigerator, because it's bad for them.

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Do not store unripe bananas in the refrigerator! They simply will not ripen properly because the cold interferes with the ripening process. Bringing refrigerated bananas back to room temperature will not reverse the process. However, once bananas are ripe, they can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. Take note that their skins will turn black.

You can also peel bananas, cut them in chunks, freeze them and eat them as
a frozen treat, reminiscent of ice cream.  You can also take those frozen
chunks and make a very creamy smoothie using fat free rice milk or soymilk
and a little flavoring.

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Thank you, shine, for your illuminating contribution.


Bananas can be refrigerated. The best option is to store them in a wine cooler running at 13 degrees celsius (also the best for red wine!)

13-14°C (56-58°F) for storage and transport 
15-20°C (59-68°F) for ripen 


Look for the article by:

Adel A. Kader
Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, CA 95616

I  live on bananas for the potassium and my stomach.  I eat them everyday, so I have to keep them for long periods.  The old myth was to Never put bananas in the refrigerator; It almost floored me at the store when the woman in charge of produce went seriously bonkers, and insisted bananas rot in the fridge! My grandmother told me long ago, the Chiquita banana commercial was wrong.   

Yes, the skin will turn black, but the inside stays nice and firm for a long time. At least 2 weeks.  I buy some a bit green and some yellow, and eat what I want in the first day or 2. Then I take the ones that are almost yellow, before they get too near eatin'-ripe, and wrap them in the plastic grocery bags from the store. Not tight, just so they are covered. Then put them in the crisper (I use one crisper for bananas only).. and take one out as you need it. Keep covered.  They don't get as black, and stay lovely inside, longer than if you just plop the bananas on a shelf.     

After all, they ship green bananas to our markets in refrigerated coolers    from all over & South America. 

My health has vastly improved with my banana diet this past year, and I love them as well.  Shine's suggestions are excellent.  Healthy yummies.


false..if you store ripe bananas in the fridge it actually helps them from spoiling (they just look grossSmile)


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I tried storing bananas in the fridge, and within 2 days they were mush.

The Village Market in my area, gives away bananas that are perfectly ripe, but will be going downhill by the next day.  Other places sell such bananas at a very reduced price.  That's the time to get a bunch of them.  Put them in the fridge, and overlook the darkening of the peel--It's the still-good fruit inside that matters.  [Warning: Anyone taking a Mono-Amine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) should NEVER eat a banana that has started to have any brown or tan spots on it.]

It is  a good idea to store ripe bananas in fridge. Place bananas in a brown bag, set in the refrigerator. Their peel will become progressively brown, but the pulp will not be affected.The fruit will be beautifully white and firm. To improve the flavor, it is best to keep bananas at room temperature for a while. If you wish to store bananas for a long time (up to two months), it is possible to freeze them.

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World 


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