Stopping a dog from going #1 in the same spot in the house

We've got a dog that seems to want to pee in the same spot in our attic on a near daily basis.  We don't want to section off the attic of our house (it's in use for an office and TV room).  He's just about ruined the wood flooring in the spot he likes to pee.  How can I deter him from doing this?

A few things about the dog and myself:

  • Rubbing the dogs face in it is not an option.
  • I don't want to section off the attic.
  • There's no point in yelling at him for it, he does it late at night or when we are sleeping.  I've read dogs won't remember doing it if you don't catch them in the act.

Any help? 

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I suggest you hit him hard with a baseball bat everytime he pees there.

Wink Only joking.

What i really suggest is that you go out and buy a can of special dog repellent. You can get those in powder or spray form. You then apply a small quantity of the said product in the region where he likes to pee, and the problem should be solved. This dog repellent is of course harmless to both humans and animals. It is more like a perfume that dogs don't like and that people do not smell.

Alternatively, here is a link to a neat little device which may 
work for you and your dog. It consits of a transmitter and a collar with an integrated receiver and spry can, which goes off when the dog crosses certain boundaries. Have a look.

Have fun

How old is your dog?

1)Crate him. ALWAYS take him outside to the bathroom. DO NOT LET HIM WANDER IN THE HOUSE UNSUPERVISED!!! Watch him CLOSELY! Get him USED to going outside.

2) You could try to spray him with a water spray bottle if you catch while he is doing it... clean everything.

3)Or try some special SPRAY.. ask a local store or your vet, and clean that particular place very good, you could even thinking of remove the carpet.

3)I dont like neutering dogs but this could also be a solution for older dogs. But try some water first to spray on him or that spray.

But if the this not works.. ask me first please before you get him sterilezed.. this is the last option, i don't like it. My doggie is also 8 years and he has to have something :).


Always clean everything very well..


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He's absolutely used to asking to go outside and has been housebroken up until this point.  He's still 95% housebroken.  We let him loose while we are sleeping because his crate is in another room and we need to keep our door open.

The spot he''s peeing on is wood, not carpet.  He is neutered, he was before we got him.  And he never ever goes when we can catch him, which is the problem.

However, it looks like a spray is the way to go. At least for now.

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Have you visited Doggie Bidet.  They offer a free spray with their systems. The solution is get him an indoor dog system that allows him to go when he needs to. You can get the spray and the faux grass or just get a small system for around $69.  And this is never an issue again.  It's so light weight you can also take it with you when traveling or on vacation.

String him up by his privates and yank the cord each time you find a puddle, is what I would do. Although the baseball bat has a certain appeal...


 I know they mean well, but people who keep saying "you have to catch him in the act," hasn't met my dog or me. I work for a living, and have to have sleep. My dog, on the other hand, sits in the dark corner of my bedroom and waits, and watches me. He waits for exactly the right moment just when I start to fall backwards into the abyss called sleep, then he lets out a large fart and relieves himself in that yellowing corner of my bedroom. I swear, that's the only time he does it: when I am out, literally and figuratively. Even if I were a stay-home person liek a retiree or something, who the hell watches their dog's every move 24/7? What, I don't have a life?

 I agree with the bat boy below, but I think that a good cleaner, one that is enzyme-based, will work well with the repellent. Otherwise, it will happen over and over again. The area should be saturated with the cleaner and allowed to sit for a while...longer for tough stains. Then apply the repellent. Incidentally, enzyme-based cleaners also act as repellents.

However, because you can't really use the repellent on your whole house (or can you) the dog should always have access to the potty area, even when people are unavailable for walks when they are at work for instance, or when they are asleep. If you want to prevent him from getting to that spot or getting into the attic where the spot is, you might also want to look into fencing the dog out with ultrasonic sound waves. It was originally invented as an invisible outdoor fence for dogs, but there is no reason why that should not work indoors. This would also eliminate the scratching on the door, which inevitably just gets on your nerves until you give-in and open the damned door. A more simpler solution is also to place a piece of large furniture or a big potted plant where the spot is, after it has been thoroughly cleaned.

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