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Snoring. How can i get my boyfriend from stop snoring in our bedroom. I get up in the middle of the nite to go to the couch to get some sleep. This has to stop asap.

If I fall asleep first (or go to bed first), I can usually take the snoring.  But GRRRR if I wake up in the middle of the night, or the snoring wakes me.  The other room and I are becoming very close friends.  Unless someone experiences another person's snoring so loudly the paint peels from the wall, it's hard for people to understand. 

Has he tried the Breathe-Right strips?  That worked for about a month.  When that stopped helping he started taking a nasal spray for allergies that lasts 12 hours (along with the strips) when he went to bed.  Using the spray about a half hour to hour before he goes to bed.  That brought it down to a small roar.  Now.... after almost a year of marriage, he is finally going to see a doctor.  He's tired of waking and me in the other room with the door closed.  And I'm tired of having to get up and go to another bed.

If he falls asleep in the recliner, he doesn't snore. It seems laying down is the culprit.  And if I remember all the stuff I looked up, it's really from the throat, not nose.  I don't want him to have to have a facial surgery (ouch!), so we're hoping the doctor has a magic ~anything~.  I need my sleep too and even when I've gone to the extra room, I've had to close the door.

I didn't help, I know, but I will tell you what the doctor has to say.  His appointment is next week.  You have my sympathies.


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