Stop snoring. Or i will kill him.

Snoring. How can i get my boyfriend from stop snoring in our bedroom. I get up in the middle of the nite to go to the couch to get some sleep. This has to stop asap.

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If I fall asleep first (or go to bed first), I can usually take the snoring.  But GRRRR if I wake up in the middle of the night, or the snoring wakes me.  The other room and I are becoming very close friends.  Unless someone experiences another person's snoring so loudly the paint peels from the wall, it's hard for people to understand. 

Has he tried the Breathe-Right strips?  That worked for about a month.  When that stopped helping he started taking a nasal spray for allergies that lasts 12 hours (along with the strips) when he went to bed.  Using the spray about a half hour to hour before he goes to bed.  That brought it down to a small roar.  Now.... after almost a year of marriage, he is finally going to see a doctor.  He's tired of waking and me in the other room with the door closed.  And I'm tired of having to get up and go to another bed.

If he falls asleep in the recliner, he doesn't snore. It seems laying down is the culprit.  And if I remember all the stuff I looked up, it's really from the throat, not nose.  I don't want him to have to have a facial surgery (ouch!), so we're hoping the doctor has a magic ~anything~.  I need my sleep too and even when I've gone to the extra room, I've had to close the door.

I didn't help, I know, but I will tell you what the doctor has to say.  His appointment is next week.  You have my sympathies.


I snore in the Bedroom. My Fiancee's sister works in a Pharmacy therefore i have tried quite a few samples. Nose strips, Oils, Throat sprays, etc... But a few Military guys i know get a special mouthguard off the Doctor(Specially Moulded) which when you close your mouth brings your lower jaw forward and opens up the passage and stops the snoring 100%. I am saving up for one. or my partner sometimes puts her knee up against my back or sleep with back against the wall. if i lay on my back i snore. HoPE THIS HELPS Sealed

If the Pen is Mightier than the Sword.... How Lethal is an E-Mail ?

Thanks for the tip paddster16.  My husband's appt. was canceled until next week.  I'll still report on it when it happens.

However, what if he sleeps with his mouth open?  He has lots of allergies so breathing through his nose isn't always easy (although sprays have helped).  Do you know if someone is a diehard mouth open sleeper that this guard would help? 

I'm willing to spend the money but if it would just be wasted I don't want to do that.

Thanks.  *Kat

Not sure perhaps a Dog Muzzle..LoL !?

If the Pen is Mightier than the Sword.... How Lethal is an E-Mail ?

He saw the ENT last week who found nothing wrong or needing intervention.  He suggested he sleep on two pillows, leaving his neck and head up higher than flat.  But... what paddster16 was talking about, the mouth guard?  He ordered one from yesterday.  Thanks for that tip.  If it doesn't work, they'll take it back, refund money, etc. 

The two pillows do work.  Until he turns over and grabs just one and is laying flatter, and it starts right up again.  So I'm crossing my fingers regarding the PureSleep help.


Paddster16 if you're reading, or anyone else (Dyan west).... the snore mouthguard cure came yesterday.  He's going to wait to use it when he has 'less' coming up in the mornings.  Sometime next week, maybe next weekend.

The instructions tell you because it forces your lower jaw forward (and if you read/watch the stuff at it shows why it does that) when you wake and remove it, it can take 2-3 hours before your jaw gets back into normal alignment.  "Don't be alarmed, that's normal.  It can take several days to a week for your jaw to re-learn the right alignment once it's out."  Well crap.  Not something he needed this morning or for several mornings coming up.  Any chance of 2-3 hours of NON-alignment won't cut it. 

It also says that if you stop using the mouthguard for a couple days, you may put yourself back to the beginning of the "jaw re-learning alignment" deal.

He's willing to try it, just not willing to try yet with the mornings he has coming between now and next weekend.

So!  Another update then.   If he doesn't like it, then I think having a dentist make one is better.  But we're hoping this works.  Again, they'll refund $$ if you don't like it or it doesn't work.  I'll keep on posting about it.


Hi Kat, I bought one last week. The only trouble i have is keeping my Jaw Closed. I was awoken with a shake from my fiancee, My jaw was open and the guard was still attached to my upper teeth. Must find a dog muzzle....

If the Pen is Mightier than the Sword.... How Lethal is an E-Mail ?

Have you tried it more than once?!  I think the muzzle is the idea.  <!!!>  My hubby sleeps with his mouth open also, which I wondered if that would make a difference.  Now with you saying this, I'm almost positive that will be his experience.  Which means a dentist-made mouthguard would be the same --- or would it?  (You had one before, right?)

He's not trying it until after Tuesday, maybe Friday night.  But I have a suspicion he will be very uncomfortable.  And that's not the point.  Well, obviously the POINT is MY comfort  (ho ho hee hee) but if he's going to be miserable unlearning many, many, many years of his way of sleeping, maybe *I* just need earplugs for extreme super-sonic sounds. 

Did you find the instructions hard, were they true to form?  Did you have to cut any away?  Just curious.

Thanks for this.  I'll let you know after next weekend.  I was very concerned over "we unalign your jaw and it should go back in 2-3 hours upon waking."  Gee --- sounds dandy!

*Kat     (To be continued....)

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