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If I stop paying for AOL, what remains?

If I stop paying for AOL can I still keep my 7 email & AIM screennames and calendar?I started on AOL in 1995, was a Community Host until 1999, now I only use the email, AIM, and calendar functions. $10.95 a month for nothing really. However, after all these years, I would like to retain the screennames/addresses that have become my internet "trademarks".

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Yes, you can call in to Member Services and switch to the free plan.  With the free plan you can continue to use all the current AOL products.  However, the free plan does not provide for connectivity (e.g., dial-up access) to the Internet.  You'd need to have that already established with another provider (e.g., your telephone co., or your cable co., etc).

You can also change to the free plan online without having to call AOL.  You can go to either http://cancel.aol.com or if you use the AOL software versions 9.1 or below, go to KW: cancel.

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Yes, you can keep everything for free.  You need to call aol and cancel the paid service.  My family just did this. 

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It was too simply, ANYONE in town could have closed my account! All of us could suddenly not even have a free AOL address if a "friend" got angry (master screenname and zip code needed, never asked for my secret password).

I can maintain my email address, but will lose years of email stored on AOL. My calendar will still funtion but no guarentee the cell alerts will continue. Other programs I used previously (members sites and McAfee) have already been phased out by AOL, which is why I stopped paying. Paying member status ends on next regular billing date, hopefully.

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when I switched to the AOL free email does the end of the email address change from aol.com to aim.com?

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