How to stop neighbors from stealing your plants

How to stop neighbors from stealing my flowers? I live in a small community of six units and we all have individual porches and entrances. Well, every summer I plan flowers in containers only to discover my neighbors have stolen some of my flowers, bulbs, seeds, and dirt. I live around pretty petty women who are assholes in my opinion. I refuse to stop growing flowers because they are jealous of how my flowers grow in abundance by the end of the summer. The apartment manager has stolen seeds from my apartment. I have reported it to the owners however, they do not give a damm. I will eventually move but not until, I am able to move financially. Plus, I would like to catch the apartment manager on video camera and press charges against her for unlawful entry. Question: Does anyone have any ideas how to keep theives from stealing your hard earned possessions? I look forward to your reply. EBW

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Get a really really big vicous gaurd dog =) or buy sensors and place them by ur plants so that if they try to steal them it will trip the sensor alerting u and u can go rush out there with ur newly bought dog named rex and show them who they are messing with. lol. =P u can get sensors at wall mart i do believe just ask the people that work in the back by the tech place. or if u dont wanna do that then just watch out ur window at all times staring at ur flowers and when u see them go out there and pull thier hair out. who the hell steals flowers anyways.....? lol dumb people.

Intellectual Insanity

  Plant poison ivy in the pots with the flowers, or just gather some poison ivy leaves and rub them on your pretty plants. Re-apply after a few days and after it rains. Wear rubber gloves to protect yourself if you are sensitive to this plant. Whoever winds up with the seering rash is the thief.

  My next door elderly neighbor is the mother of the woman I bought my house from, 14 years ago, and she still calls it her "Paula Ann's house". Our first summer here, she helped herself to flowers in my yard (some were here when I bought the place and others I planted myself) whenever she wanted. I watched her do it while my family ate breakfast in broad daylight and acting like she had a right to be stealing.

  She couldn't understand why she had a rash after I 'spiked' my gardens with it by rubbing my perennials with it. And I will never tell her. After a couple times breaking out in a scorching poison ivy rash she left my flowers alone and moved on to other neighbors' yards. Some have come to me asking what to do and I laughingly suggested the poison ivy thing. I pretended like I never tried it but felt it just had to work.She sticks to her yard now, so I can only assume some neighbors have tried the poison ivy garden cocktail.

  Of course, you could put a mousetrap in the planter, instead or in addition to the poison ivy.


Thank you for the poison ivy suggestion.  Where would I purchase poison ivy?  I have never seen this plant in any nurseries and I am not sure where to buy it. 


Google poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Print pictures of these plants and go into the woods and look for them. Wear rubber, latex or neoprene gloves to protect your skin. If you are like most humans you will break out in a red, blistery, itchy red rash if this plant touches your skin or touches your clothes and then you touch that part of your clothes. SO BE CAREFUL when handling these plants.

You won't find any of these plants in a plant nursery.

Thank you kindly 1920's.

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