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How to stop multiple email from "Mail Delivery Subsystem"?

I am a free AOL account holder with a handicapped AOL account holder (I do know if she is a paid AOL subscriber). She informs me via email that she is getting dozens if not hundreds of emails from "Mail Delivery Subsystem". The SPAM filter only provides temporary help. I am currently awaiting one of these emails to be forwarded so I can read the headers. Any suggestions on where to go to stop these emails?

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If you are having an issue with unauthorized activity on your email address, you likely have been the victim of a phishing attack.  The first thing to do is to run any and all virus scan software you have on your computer, and then change your account password.  To do this, log in to http://mail.aol.com/ and click on 'Settings,' then 'Accounts,' then 'Change Your Password.'    If you are not able to do so, try following the directions on this page: 


Or try calling the US support number at +1-877-786-0722 (Mon-Fri 8am-1am EST & Sat 8am-10pm EST) to get assistance with password issues.

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Thanks. My client just changed/added her email. She also changed her password and kept the address, but I don't know if she has gone back to check.

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