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How do I stop from losing my social security benefits after I get married?

how do I stop from losing my social security benefits after I get married to a non disabeled person?

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You should not lose your benefits for you are still disabled.  You can call the 800 number of social security or even go online for extra information.

I already did the 800 number and that's when they sent me a letter saying that I had lost my benefits.

I don't understand the lose of disability due to marriage.  I do know the extra benefits mighht be canceled because your income will greater.  I've known a person on SSI and that is what happened to them.  Continue to fight it.  Try going on the internet or call the 800 number again.  I do wish you the best!!!

if you were collecting as a disabled child which is what this sounds like (meaning you were disabled before the age of 22) then if you remarry a non disabled person you are no longer considered a child (by social security definition) and no longer entitled to benefits. there is an exception if you marry a disabled person we will not count that and will continue benefits. there is nothing you can do about that. the only other situation where marriage would affect your benefits is when you are receiving supplemental security income and this is primarily because as a couple income and resources are counted together. do not listen to susan's answer because it's not correct and it depends on your situation. do you mind telling me what kind of benefit you are receiving and i can tell you more specifically why your marriage would have affected your benefit.

If your social security benefits are for you're own disability, it has nothing to do with whether you are single or married.  Both my husband and I are disabled, but we became disabled at different times.  Our benefits were based solely on our individual income that we each made.  I would call the nearest social security office first, then the main security office for answers.  If they can answer, I would ask for it in writing with a supervisor's signature.  The only way you may be losing you're benefits is if they are based on a previous spouse's income, and they are essentially death benefits. This will happen to my husband or I after one or the other dies.  Whoever survives, whether they are on disability or regular social security benefits, will only get the highest amount of one social security account.  This will make life for the survival of one of us, as far as maintaining the same ability to pay the bills impossible.  I would really like to know more of you're situation because I don't believe it's fair to take any social security benefits away from anyone.  These benefits are based on money taken out of every paycheck for your entire lifetime.  It is not the government's money, it is ours.  Keep me up on what's happening, okay?

Probably our best description of our lives is "We live for the quality of life, not the quantity".

right but supplemental security income is a disability benefit that is based on your own disability and marriage can count against you. actually it doesn't count against you, it's just that it is a needs based program and if your spouse has income then it is counted as income for you as well. i think i would know, i work for social security. it depends on the type of benefit that she is receiving. as i said marriage affects people collecting childhood disability benefits and ssi recipients. if you are receiving a benefit off another person's record the rules are not the same as it would be if you collected on your own. survivors benefits which is what ms.hallett was describing has different rules than disability does. the only situation in which a marriage would affect her as a disabled survivor is if she is getting disabled widows benefits, but i doubt that is the case for her. each person is treated on an individual basis so just because one set of rules may apply in your friends situation doesnt mean that those rules apply to you. you have no idea how many rules and exceptions there are in social security law. check with your local social security office to see what type of benefit you were receiving and why your marriage affected it. they will be able to explain it to you or you can also research the social secuirty websit if you already know what type of benefit you receive. keep in mind, once again that receciving a benefit off your own record does not get affected by marriage unless you are an ssi recepient. if you are collecting off another persons record as a disabled person then yes marriage can affect the benefit. if you are receiving a combination of benefits off your own record and off another persons then marriage can still affect your benefits but it will only affect the benefits you are receiving off another persons record, you will be able to collect on your own.

i was wondering if my boyfriend collects survivors disability can he still get married?

Yes, he can get married and retain his disability.  What might change, depending on your income, would be any extra help such as utilities, food, and possible medicaid.  Call your local social security office or the 800 number.  If your boyfriend happens to have a local caseworker, they can give you all the information.

Good Luck & Happy marriage!

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