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How to stop pckeeper pop ups?

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PcKeeper is not a scam or malware. PCKeeper is actually pretty awesome and is a bundled software utility that has cleaning, security and optimization features that can help manage data and protect the PC from threats online and offline. PCKeeper is a Microsoft Development Partner and has a top rated antivirus software included in the application. If you see a PCKeeper pop up, relax pckeeper is not a scam and you are just seeing an advertisement.

Anyone that advertises PCKeeper instead of answering how to stopp the pop-ups is working for them.

I am so annoyed by the PCkeeper pop ups.  So very very annoyed.  I've tried so many things with security settings, ad-block, noscript, uninstalling every product they're related to.  Still I get the pop ups.

Getting random advertisements for something I don't want is SPAM.  I want it off.

If someone can give a real answer for getting rid of it. PLEASE ANSWER!

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