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Polyglycemia//what are the symtoms? Not sure what ...

polyglycemia//what are the symtoms? Not sure what my son has is this. Doctor said was a stomach virus but son didn't get proper spelling so not sure I am in the right place to read about it.

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fatigue, high white cell count[15,800], very high neutriphils, high hemoglobin, high MCH, high, MCV, night sweats not hot flases i know the differane, also am normally very cold!!], light headedness, weakness, bruising and bleeding more than normal, especially from gums. A new kind of headache. redness in face[an normally very pale]visial disturbanaces not associated with brain surgery.Another t5hing my friend said to mention I am itchy, more so after taking shower[ i thought it was an allergy to the new water









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