Why does my stomach make so much noise?

Why does my stomach make such a racket just after ive eaten. It continues for up to an hour after. It started quite recently.

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It's possible you might be developing IBS. Whenever you hear a lot of gurgling noises it is just the gas passing through the fluid in your stomach and intestines. Providing you're not having a lot of pain, or diarrhea/ constipation, a mild antiacid will generally help the situation. If that doesn't work try some Beano or Gas X, they are both very good for controlling gas. As well since this has just started ocurring recently you might want to examine your diet to see if you are eating anything different that might be a gas causing agent. Beans, raw vegetables and fruits, can cause severe gas in some people. As well has your consumption of dairy products changed in any way. Depending on your age you could be developing a lactose intolerance in which case you may want to try some lactaid before ingesting any milk or dairy products or products containing dairy.You're going to have to do a little self investigation to get to the bottom of it, but it's worth it if the symptoms are annoying you. If it continues and you haven't found the solution trying different dietary methods, you might want to see a gastroenterologist, who can test you for IBS, or any other gastrointestinal problem that could be developing. 

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