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Are steroids ever prescribed for chronic back pain ...

Are steroids ever prescribed for chronic back pain related to sciatica? I'm 33 years old and my problems started after a traumatic accident when I was 10 years old. I recently had an episodic flare up caused by a slip while walking. This last episode was the most painful flare up I've ever had. I have a very high threshold for pain but this one was unbearable. I went to an urgent care facility, from there to the ER, 3 days later I went to the chiropractor. The urgent care facility gave me an anti-inflamatory and all of the finigren and toradol they could give me per my body weight...no relief at all. The ER gave me what I suspect was morphine because within 10 minutes my spasms were relieving and becoming less frequent. The doctor sent me home with prescriptions for hydrocodone7.5, diazipam5mg, cyclobenzaprine10mg, and methylprednisolone4mg. He advised me to stay out of work for 5 days. On the forth day my spasms had subsided enough to visit the chiropractor. When I returned to work the next week, a coworker told me he had a very similar problem until 2 years ago. His doctor put him on what he called cycles of steroids for about a year and a half. He says he is now pain free and hasn't had anymore problems with his back. He said the steroids on top of the exercises to strengthen his lower back is all it took to correct his problem. Surgery is definately a last resort in my opinion and I want to know if this is a feasible option. If so, how do I get my Dr to do it? Thank you. 

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Yes, steroids are quite often prescribed for back pain. But if you're concerned, don't be. The steroids prescribed by docors aren't the growth steroids. They're corticosteroids, which means they're used to heal injuries and relieve inflammation. They work quite well, and your doctor could put you on a regime of prednisolone. I don't know how well it works for sciaticas, and it does have side effects, but if your pain is severe enough, it's worth the side effects to get relief.

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I agree with bonestructureWink

I've had my share of back problems, had to use a type of steroid.

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Steroids don't actually heal anything, unfortunately. They do reduce inflammation temporarily, which usually leads to reduced pain. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that whatever caused the inflammation and pain are healed. In fact, the pain relief often leads to overuse and more injury. Pain is an important signal from your body that you shouldn't be doing something :-)

The upshot is that while athletes who have to keep on going no matter what are often given steroids to get past an injury, there aren't many good reasons for reputable doctors to prescribe them to the rest of us for anything but temporary use.

Another thing to be aware of is that steroids do nasty things to your blood sugar. That doesn't matter to most people, but for anybody who is carrying extra weight or has a genetic tendencies to diabetes, that can be a big deal. I'm not assuming either is the case for you, but they are for many people.

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Hi again.

TechnoMom is right. Steriods may help. Thats what they gave me for my problems. But its only a temporary solution.

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