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steam mops? worth the money?.

what do you think of steam mops? specifically the bissell steam mop advertised on HSN

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Sanitize your floors to reach the same level of cleanliness as an operating room floor by cleaning with the Norwex Antibacterial Mop.   The entire mop has a two year warranty, expected life span of 7-10 years. 

The best feature on the Bissell Steam mop is that it too comes with a microfiber pads however the reviews on the steam mop have indicated that the mop releases a great deal of moisture that can damage some flooring.

Visit www.cleanwithNorwex.com to review hospital and laboratory studies on Norwex Microfiber and Mop Systems.


Clean with water... Clean without chemicals... Clean with Norwex... Save Time-Money-Your Health-Our Planet

I just got a shark cleaner " both  of them. "  ONE TO  VACUME AND CLEAN     "  GOOD FOR   ALL  KINDS OF FLOORS "      THE FLOOR AND IT IS SO LIGHT AND EASY TO USE, GETS UNDER THINGS WITHOUT YOU BENDING AND ALSO FOLDS UP.  For storage.   I got mine at walmart over the internet shopping.  And good for me with

 R. A.  I just sit in my wheel chair  or on a chair and go to town.    Then you just empty the little pan .  Its easy and fast to use daily.  You can wipe your hand across the floor when you  use it and feel nothing on the floor.  The shark steam works good also.  It santize  easily for me with   r. A.  Cause i can not scrub floors any more.    I just cant use a vacumn  or  use a floor mop any more.  Dont have the strength.   They come up with more and more good things for us seniors !!      And i like a clean floor and dishes.   That are hard to clean.   Next i want to try the window cleaner i seen advertized for the lady by the pool.  Ha  ha  she clean windows and he clean pool.  I hope its that easy,   just sittting on something and useing the hose , because my windows outside are terriable looking and get on my nerves and cant afford a cleaning lady.

 I have  not  seen a norwex  but it sounds great also.

Happy cleaning

God bless                    nanadee  Cool

A penny saved is a penny earned

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