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What is the differnce between a dry sauna and a wet one

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Hi, --------- Dry sauna is dry (no mist, low humidity) while wet sauna is humid and mist (sometimes it's hard to see, as if you are in a heavy fog). Some people find that it is hard for them to breath in a wet sauna and prefer a dry sauna. --------- Best regards,

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One major difference between a wet sauna and a dry sauna is the temperature necessary in both types of saunas. Because humid air more effectively transmits heat, the temperature in a wet sauna is lower than the temperature in a dry sauna. Dry sauna temperatures can approach 200 degrees Fahrenheit; because the heat is so dry, however, the bather's sweat evaporates quickly and the heat is tolerable.

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The only difference is that in a dry sauna no water is thrown on the sauna stove to get steam vapor.


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