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Is there anyway to stay logged in?

Is there any way to stay logged in to my email so that I don't have to keep on signing in every time?

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If you are using webmail (http://webmail.aol.com), just check the little box which says "Stay signed in until I sign out" just below the field where you enter your password. So next time you return to http://webmail.aol.com you won't have to enter your username and password again. But be careful: You should only use this on computers you use alone or if you trust the people you share this computer with, since they potentially would have access to your mails too this way.

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If you have a broadband Internet connection then you should have no problems staying signed on to AOL - my wife frequently stays signed on all day. 

If you use dial-up then you cannot stay signed on.  AOL wants other to be able to sign on, too.

I have AOL Mail  and there is no "Stay signed in until I sign out" box,how can I get it?

The "Stay signed in until I sign out" checkbox disappeared a few days ago (September 12th or 13th) and now you have to sign into AOL webmail every time

what happened to"stay signed in until i sign out checkbox ?

I have been having trouble all day staying signed in.  Anybody else?  Everytime I'm prompted for my password, I put it in, and then the prompt appears again if I keep the signed in box checked.  If it's unchecked, it says signing out and then I get my mail.  The next time I log in, the whole process starts again.  Very frustrating!

I have no answer-I have the same problem-is it because we are using free AOL?? I used to love aol but now it is just annying

Aol refused to post my problem with them and face book and my constant fight to get into all of my accounts to   Ruth            

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Is there anyway to stay logged in?

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