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Hi Amanda, didn't you hear that pale is the new tan? Stay away from those tanning beds. Do you want to look like you are 50 when you are 25? If you love your skin at all, do not go to a tanning salon, I beg you!

OMG I am so sick of people being so preachy over tanning just because you are ok being pale and looking like a vampire doesn't mean that everyone enjoys that look. Everything causes cancer diet soda, microwaves, and preservatives.  Are you going to sit there and nag on someone for eating any of those foods? Plus I have been tanning on and off since I was 16 I am already 23 and don't look anything like I am 50 so I will take my chances of getting wrinkles when everyone else also has wrinkles and actually enjoy the nice glow on my skin and the natural high that the UV rays gives me now so feel free to keep on living your nice pale "worry-free" life now but stop judging people who tan seriously its getting really old.

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