Cannot start my gx200 honda generator

i have a gx 200 honda generator that will not start. its only 2 years old.

i definitly have a good spark, i can see fuel being drawn from the carb on turnover. i have recenly cleaned out the whole fuel system and replaced the fuel, the jets, pipes and filters are clean as a whistle. Ive checked that the pushrods are not bent. ( fuel is on, choke is on)

The cylinder head is not cracked.

i refuse to beleive that there is a compression problem considering the age and usage. however, on turn over its doesn't feel very hard to pull on the compression stroke. What sort of pressure should i expect if i do a compression test?

i ve heard that there is a low oil shut off if the engine oil is too low.(anyone know how this works?) The oil level for the engine and the compressor are fine.

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You did not say but I assume you have a new hot plug in there with a good gap right. It could of jumped time but you say the rods are not bent, could be a head gasket did you use it in a very hot area for an extended peroid of time? Finally they are made with a low oil shutoff like you said, even if you are starting it on a hill and the unit is uneven it will not start make sure the cap is on corectly, did you get the unit wet real bad like in the rain could of shorted out the board will need a test light to see. good luck

Hi. Thanks for your help.

yeah put a new plug in. is the low oil shut off connected to the ignition system, because i am definitly getting a is on a level surface when i go to start. is there any good way of telling that the head gasket has gone apart from the fact that it wont start? it has been used for long periods but not really  in hot conditions. It has been out in the rain alot but surely the only electrical system you need to start it is the ignition, which is working.

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