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Stargazer hair dye..

with stargazer semi- perminant hair dye how long will it take to fade out? and does it go blonde afterwards? thankyou x

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Hi Hannahth,

Depending on what shampoo and conditioner you are using......2 to 4 weeks.  Whether it will go blonde depends on the color of your hair before use.  If you are a blonde, It will take longer for it to completely fade out and unfortunately, it will a rather dull (not flattering) color until it's completely out.


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I can advise you on semi-permanent hair color in general but am not familiar with the brand stargazer. Semi permanent hair dye is meant to last about 6 to 8 weeks. However, if you wash your hair often with unprofessional shampoo it will be less or if your hair was in a bad condition before applying it could stain the ends in particular and never wash out. So there are variables. It should wash out to whatever color your hair was when you put it on. Unfortunately, many brands are not made well and leave their base color behind and it is many times pink, purple, or green. This may be able to be removed with a chelating shampoo or treatment or may have to be covered over with permanent color or bleached out. Without more info about your hair before and after the application of semi permanent color I cannot help you further. Good luck.

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