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How To Disinfect From Staph Infection My son has ...

How To Disinfect From Staph Infection

My son has a staph infection on his right leg.  He will be coming home from the hospital.  I understand how to disinfect items like surfaces like sinks, stool, etc but how do I disinfect items like the sofa that he has sat in and laid down on.  He is 41 years old.

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Well, It all depend on your body. you can also try Defense Soap.It is the best solution for staph infection.for more information please visit at:- Defense Soap

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You didn't give a location (zip code would be enough) or what insurance coverage you have. If you are in an HMO you would have a list of their doctors available. If you are on Medicare, some doctors refuse it. If you are on Medicaid, many doctors refuse it.