Why do you stand with Obama?

Please I would like to know who you Obama fans are.

What do you do for a living.

How did you get so caught-up in Obama.

Did someone influence you?

Do you understand the consequences that have come from his election or do you just not care?

Do you believe he is going to help you and give you money?

Did you vote for him just because he is the same color as you?

Do you understand his father was a British Subject and Kenyan/Muslim not an American Black?

Will you vote for him again and why?

I really want to know.

Lady Darko

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In a deep hole


I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."

 After the mess Bush and the conservatives left our country in Obama has done a great job in repairing the damage he has done. He along with the democrats are stopping the radical agenda that the republicans are trying to advance. The American People are seeing the mistake they made in 2010 and it will be corrected in 2012. Trying to end medicare and other safety nets that the middle class and the elderly have will put us back into the 2 class system we had before Roosevelt leveled the playing field. We only had the rich and the poor prior to that. Republicans would love that and that is the major part of their agenda. It would enslave the American people but we would all feel better because the rich and corporations would pay lower taxes. The conservative agenda failed under Bush and we must not allow them to have the chance for it to happen again.  Keep up the fight President Obama. You and the democrats will be rewarded in 2012. Everyone  pray and ask God to give these far right extremist single issue voters guidence and have them come to their senses before they cut their own throats and destroy our country. 

Ladydarko Obama father is not the president. Barack Obama is. He is a natural born citizen, he is a Christian and not a Muslim. You have shown once again that you far right extremists are nothing more than racists. Do you think that the wording in your question is going to make blacks think Obama is not black? HA HA HA HA The simple minds of you racists nerve cease to amaze me. 

Please I would like to know who you Obama fans are.

Me, and Millions of Americans.

What do you do for a living.

I am a student in Clermont, FL

How did you get so caught-up in Obama.

He was an inspiration, that no matter what, through times of desecration, of crumbling hopes, there will be always a saying that we can get through this. Yes We Can.

Did someone influence you?

I influence myself.

Do you understand the consequences that have come from his election or do you just not care?

What consequences? He has been repairing of what Bush did, and he is doing so much better than anyone else.

Do you believe he is going to help you and give you money?

How could he help someone individually? He is a leader of 308 million people. He can support legislation to cut taxes for the poor and middle class, and raise it for the rich.

Did you vote for him just because he is the same color as you?

I'm white, my entire family was white. I grew up in a conservative area and moved to another conservative area. I'm in a minority party here in Lake County.

Do you understand his father was a British Subject and Kenyan/Muslim not an American Black?

His father was Muslim. So? It's Just A Different Religion. He is just as American as you and me, especially since he was born in Hawaii, 2 years after statehood.

Will you vote for him again and why?

Yes, because he is the best choice between all the other current candidates.

I really want to know.

I really want to know why you put that racist statement that everyone who voted for him was black, because he is the same color of skin.

We have to respect other beliefs. Because a house cannot stand, if it is divided.

First off Tiver he did not have an overwelming majority of votes.  Look it up.

You are a student, he loves you Tiver, he knows at this point in your life you are like a virgin and basically uneducated in the facts of our country because the facts are limited now and not taught want to keep you babies in the dark.

Yes we can and "Change" were words carefully researched by his teams of people and it is the cry of some of the greatest Communists in the history of the world.

Ok repairing what Bush did he just slaughtered a leader and invaded another Nations Soveriegnity.  He did much worse than Bush or our soldiers ever did.  He did what he wanted Bush punished for.  War Crimes.  He used the Seals to slaughter an old gray haired man in front of his family including a 12 yr old daughter.  Arn't you proud?  He changed the Field Manuel, Changed the Rules of Engagement downrange and has our men read Miranda Rights to Terrorists and he himself broke every rule in his play book by which he has imprisoned our soldiers.  Look them up little man.  No night searches.  No searches without Afghan soldiers with you.  No shooting if civilians around.  No shooting unless shot at and much more.

You are about as Consevative as I am a Liberal.  He has raised our National Debt more than Bush did in 8 yrs.  He has stomped on and descecrated the Constitution over and over by taking over institutions that were free, you don't know a thing but the Bling and you are the reason this Nation is in the mess it is and you have no idea of history, economics, policy or Statecraft.

Racist comment well little boy the Constitution of the United States of America is what this moron took an oath to uphold and so far he has done one helluva a shabby job.  No president since the Constitution was varified has not been Natural Born or a Citizen of the United States meaning both parents born in America. 

You are a perfect example of a perfectly brainwashed baby.

Lady Darko






76, Korean War vet, self-employed (drive 40k+ annually), pro-Obama because of Bush Jr's wars, support for the the wealthy, laissez-faire policies, etc.  Influenced by statying deeply informed. Reader vs. telly watcher. "Consequences" of McCain-Palin would have been serious, indeed. What his father was is completely inconsequential. Keep in mind, as far as the myth of the President  being Muslim is concerned, we do not in this country have a religious litmus test.  If you get some time, study the reaction against J. F. Kennedy in relation to his Catholicism and the ruckus raised by the usual lunatic fringe about a "papal conspiracy." Vote for him again? In all probability considering what we see on the GOP horizon.

Thank you Robert Perrin, I am a vet of Shield/Storm and this war. 

Bush Jr.  did not ask for 9/11.  But he was asked to do something about it.  Hussein had already used Chemical Weapons and killed 100,000 Kurds.  The Israelis' blew his nuclear sites to hell and Syrias'.  MSNBC did an article in 2008 on the 500 tons of yellow cake weapon grade uranium shipped from Iraq to Canada.  Look it up.

McCain/Palin a farce but I figured better of two evils.

It is consequential what his father was because as he has shown in his speeches, first one as POTUS to Middle East he favors Islam.  He lifted Sanctions on Iran and Syria.  Iran now getting close to nukes until the mysterious bug hit their facility, hummmm.  Syria now has Chemical plants.  Obama has apologized in speeches throughout the world for America.  I know you know this.  His policies in the Middle East are nil.  His relationships with foreign leaders is a muddled mess.  All our presidents' since the Constitution was written have been natural born or citizens whose parents were born in America.  I believe we are seeing in Obama what our forefathers feared a president who holds alliegence to another country other than America. 

Yes I know the prejudice against JFK but JFK was a natural born citizen it was his grandfather who was the bootleg king.  Big difference between being Muslim or Catholic.  In fact big difference in any religion and Islam.  Look throughout the world at the daily killings of others of other faiths. 

I agree the GOP is looking bad but I will vote for anybody who runs against Obama if he is not Impeached first.  He is making a mishmosh of our Constitution and sooner or later he will be brought to task for it.

I stay deeply informed also sir.  With all due respect.

Lady Darko

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