Are cancelled stamps worth anything? I have ...

Are cancelled stamps worth anything?  I have several from a 1 and a 1/2 cent Martha Washigton, a 13 cent U S Airmail, an 8c Eisenhower, 4c Lincoln and so on.  If they are worth anything, how do I get some information?  Thanks

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For a stamp collector, a neatly cancelled stamp may be worth as much as its mint counterpart. In most cases, cancelled and uncancelled (i.e. unused, in mint condition) stamps from older issues are worth about the same. Some collectors prefer unused stamps for their collections, some (like myself) consider the cancellation proof of the stamp having been used for its primary purpose, postage, not just bought and kept as a souvenir. In some instances, the cancellation may be what´s really valuable - a rare cancellation on an everyday stamp may multiply the value of the stamp. I suggest you take a trip to your local library to borrow a stamp catalog, even an older issue will give you some idea of the value of your stamps - but be sure to take 40...70 percent off the values published in the catalog!

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