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What is the value of The Official States of the Union Historic Stamp Collection. My certificate of Authenticity is dated Feb. 10, 1980

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Asked: What do the veterans do with the stamps?

what do they do with the stamps?

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i just found 300-400 hamilton bank note company new york postage cards from all countrys, look like over 100-150 yrs old. who can i contact to find out if i are of value

Asked: How do I know the face value of a stamp?

How do I know the face value of a stamp?

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Hello David - your description doesn't help much, I'm afraid - I would make you a personal dollar offer if I knew exactly what the lot consists of - if you'd care to send a scan of a couple of the items to 'monthree@aol.com', I would give you a ballpark figure of their worth, & make a cash offer if ...

What does a 10kp stamp mean on a ring

If the KP is together, it means karat plumb. That means it is exactly 41.7% gold, which is the legal minimum in the U.S. to be classified as gold. If the K.P. are separated by periods, that means gold plated.

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Usually extraneous paper is bits of scrap that get on the sheets when the stamps are being printed; when removed, the area they covered are missing the design and color. Does the plate block in question have an unprinted/uninked area ?

*I have two questions, First, I have a stamp that ...

Hello Angela! Hope you´re still there, I didn´t learn of your question until now! Here are the answers: your first stamp is indeed Russian, obviously blue/red - the original denomination was 14 kopeek, and it was used as a 14 cent (chinese cents) stamp at Russian post offices in China in 1917. Your ...