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What to do about squirrels, they go in my bird ...

what to do about squirrels, they go in my bird feeders and also thet eat everything in my beautyful yeard, i bought anything and everything for them to go away but nothing is working. please help

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You could call a professional exterminator, terminix, e.g.  You could head on down to a sporting goods store, pick up a pneumatic .22cal pellet gun with a scope sight, and exterminate them yourself.  You could get a cat or two from a local animal rescue organization and let the cat(s) patrol your yard.  You could purchase a couple of live traps, some are designed specifically for squirrels, set them out, and transport the squirrels to a (distant) different location.  There are several different kinds of electronic apparatus that claim to repell squirrels and other rodents.    Any of these solutions are going to cost you some money. 

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