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Can herpes spread if i drink water from a cup that ...

can herpes spread if i drink water from a cup that a infected person drink or use a towel that infected person use or eat something that a infected person eat?

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Herpes is a virus. I dont think you can get oral herpes just from eating or drinking from someone. You cannot get genital herpes from toilet seats, towels, ect..You can only get genital herpes through sexual contact. They're many websites that can educate you, if you are worried about this.

You must be talking about herpes simplex, the virus causes by cold sores, you may be able to transfer the virus especially drinking after them or kissing on the lips.  If you are talking about herpes zoster usually known as chicken pox but often on adults known as shingles you should avoid the same linens, towels or pillows if the breakout is in the draining stage.  If you are talking about sexually transmitted herpes, you should never have unprotected sex and even then with or without a condom during an outbreak you can get them.  It lies dorminant under the skin so a condom even if your partner has no breakout could be risky.  Same goes for using the same towels or anything that touches the area especially during a breakout.  You didn't say which Herpes you are talking about but either way you still must be careful.  Any of the Herpes viruses are highly contagious in certain forms so just be careful and always use good common sense. 

Since genital Herpes is at an all time rise, know you sex partner and if you do and are in a monogomous relationship and say, he has them but you don't, just be very CAREFUL.  He will understand.  There are many happy married and unmarried couples where one or the other person has them, yet the other doesn't.  Having the affected partner on Valtrex or another anti-herpetic medication you have a good chance of never getting them if you avoid sex during an outbreak and always, breakout or not, use a condom.  Good luck.  AND no you cannot get genital Herpes from a drinking cup.  If you a have a cold sore refrain from oral sex with him.  Even though they are "different" strains they are highly contagious either way. 

Good luck and hope this helps!

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Chances are very less, usually its sex which gets it spread, however, will suggest you to be careful.

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there is very low risk! but anyway  - always be careful!

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Yes, herpes can spread like that. You should be careful. Herpes can enter your body through more delicate areas such as eyes, mouth, anus, nose, and vagina. You also can affected by herpes through sex, anal sex, oral sex, kissing, touching the infected areas of herpes and then by touching other areas.

Source: http://www.herpes-treatment-help.com/herpes-transmission.html

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