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Can a spouse get paid by social security for providing care for severely disabled spouse?

My husband will be a double amputee due to diabetes as of tomorrow. He will require 24 hour care, we cannot afford it, and medicare will not provide it. I will be forced to quit my job to care for him, but his social security income alone will not cover our bills. Can I apply to social security as a caregiver for him? Please help!

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My dearest msdrchel,

Contact your Congressman or Senator.  Be brief, very courteous, state facts, and have the documents ready to prove how you have been treated. 

Failing a resolution there, talk to an attorney.  They will usually handle these cases on contingency, if they know you have a legitimate claim.

Also, talk to your local Department of Social and Health Services.  They handle this sort of thing all the time.

Have you checked your medical benefits since Obamacare?

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