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Asked: Spiritual enlightenment?

I wonder if spiritual awakening is the same as enlightenment? How to tell that someone who said that he has got spiritual enlightenment is really enlightened?

Asked: Learning meditation from books

I ever hear that you should learn meditation from a competent teacher/master and it's not advisable to learn it yourself from meditation books or CDs. Is that true?

Asked: Learning several methods of meditation

"You should get started with meditation enlightenment by acquiring knowledge of the wide range of dissimilar meditation methods." My friend is really a spiritual adventurer. He learned various ...

Asked: Translation of a workbook

definition of mindfulness meditation

Asked: What is the best object of meditation you should ...

What is the best object of meditation you should focus on? Is it the sound, the light, or your own breathing? And what about reciting a certain mantra during meditation?

Asked: Mediation techniques?

I notice that most meditation techniques I know require you to sit in the straight position, which is understandable. Is there any meditation technique you can do in the supine position?

Asked: Meditation for Busy People

When I hear of 'meditation', the first thing that comes to my mind is being in a steady sitting position in a really solemn spot for several hours. With people's busy lives, could meditation be ...

Asked: Listening to inner voice

Interesting to know that being quiet is a kind of retreat also. How to be able to listen to our own inner voice? I am not a talkative person by nature but still, I haven't been able to hear my inner ...