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Spiritual retreats exist for every legitimate faith.  In some cases we must restrict attendance to persons we have specifically invited. 

We do this to deal with the stresses caused by obnoxious persons who walk in off the streets.  There is enough annoyance in life to make spiritual retreats a moral imperative.

We who bring healing to others through God's Love and nature's herbs must ourselves be calm and healthy.  No one can be calm and healthy with bitter leftists constantly spewing negativity, venom, and hate.

To minister to leftists we must be serene in the face of their wild-eyed bitterness and poisonous constant agitation.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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Rocmike aka Lady Aban we already have 3 straight hours of posting under this alias. What alias is next and how many hours are you going to post today repeating the same thing over  and over? Another alias that has been going to old questions and answers no one has been on in a while. What a sad lonely life you have?

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Rocmike is starting today's posting marathon with its alias Southern. Can't wait to see who follows.

Serenity Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Lady Aban, indeed we do need that occasional time to re-charge the batteries and regain that bouyant optimism that our leftists deny everyone. 


I spoke with a Russian equipment dealer in Athens.  She tells of the hard times during the Soviet Occupation of Russia (as they call it) and the much better times now that socialism is no more.  Now that the Russian economy is a fully mature free market economy, their dismal days are over and the Russians enjoy the benefits of true democracy.


There was a time when Belerus tractors were prone to rapid breakdown, were smoky, leaked like sieves, and far less powerful than their size would indicate.  They were cheap (in shoddy manufacture and price) but now, Belerus has made a bargain with Case, and their equipment is now on-par with Mahindra (which I still cannot sell due to its poor quality).


I took a few days with my friends here to relax, discuss the peaceful side of life, and am now rejuvenated, plus wiser and stronger than ever before.


There is that benefit to the occasional break from the daily routine.  Ah, that vibrant optimism that we get from the occasional spitritual respite!


Peace profound!


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Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon with its alias Anselmogx. We can look forward to hours and hours of alias after alias repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers. It is now 5.12 pm est. Lets see how many hour the Rocmike-American Patriot alias group puts in today. alias group. We gave had over 6 hours of posting from Ansemogx and over 3 hours from Serenity with some anonymous posts thrown in. GET A LIFE.

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Rocmike is the greatest!!!  Keep on posting!!!

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