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If nothing else, the spiritual life is orderly, rational, and compassionate.  That is why atheists go against that in their bid for absolute power through intimidation and propaganda.  That is why we have a need for prisons.

Atheism is much like a street gang in that they operate absolutely full of hate, are absolutely contrary to all that is decent, and must always resort to violence to get their way.


Ted Kaczynski (above) now serves life without parole in America's toughest ultramax prison, Florence ADX.  He killed three people, and crippled 23 others, chosen virtually at random.

Why did he do this?

To force the New York Times to publish his "Manifesto."  In it he railed against industry, religion, character building youth groups, and anything that was not consumed with racist hate.  Atheists are infamous for their irrational beliefs but when presented with the facts they only react violently.

Can we expect this sort of violence from all atheists?

Unfortunately, the potential exists and will not be reduced by tolerating atheism.

The best people say the best things. The best victory is a durable peace. The best revenge is living well.
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