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How long does a mans sperm live in a womans body in order to conceive a child.

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The human male sperm can survive in the open and it is best adopted to two places the male's testicles and the human female vagina. Because of the special conditions in the female's vagina, a sperm cell can live inside a woman's reproductive tract up to a week, but usually it would be around six to five days.

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If you're trying to conceive, it can live up to 3 days. If you're trying to avoid conception, it can live up to a week...

Obviously, the sperm cells aren't aware of your intentions, but if you really want to conceive, your best chance is if ovulation is within 72 hours - preferably less. If you really don't want to conceive, abstinence or birth control are highly recommended.

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Sperm can live in a woman's body for up to six days — possibly seven. That's why most pregnancies result from fertilization by sperm that have been waiting in a woman's reproductive tract days before the release of her egg — ovulation — takes place.

Outside the body — where they're not being nourished and protected by a woman's cervical mucus and vaginal secretions, or the warmth and moisture of a man's urethra and reproductive tract — sperm die anywhere between a half an hour to four hours after being ejaculated. If the ejaculate has dried out, or has been wiped or washed off, there are no longer any living sperm to worry about.


I think monika it last about 4 to5 days in the womens body and can be destryed inb the open environ ment in about 5to 6 hours. If u want to stop with meeting with the ovem i.e. women's egg u can take contraceptive pills to stom  meeting the ovam with the eggs.

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sperm can live up to a week. however after couple of days the motility is quite low (it's ability to swim to it's destination)

source: sperm Motility 

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WebMD to make sure.
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