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My husbands sperm count was 4,000 with no mobility what are our chance of having a child together?

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With the help of IVF+ICSI, assuming the sperm cells are normal, your chances could be fairly high. ICSI takes individual sperm cells & therefore the count itself is of no importance. The sperm cells do not have to be motile to be able to fertilize an egg (a sperm cell is injected directly into the egg, so it doesn't have to do the work).

Other factors are your age (your chances are higher if you're under 35), how well you respond to fertility drugs and whether you have any known fertility issues.

In the meantime, a urologist should try to identify the reason for the low sperm count (e.g., varicocele). Your husband should also be retested if he was only tested once.

Wishing you a lot of luck!
Rachel Inbar

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I would recommend having the test done again in 3 to 6 months, before I did anything else.

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hi trying

i am writting to you after a year of your post to see if i will have any chance myself.

i got my results last month  and i had a very low sperm count with no mobility, i am going to see and uroligist but i am so worried. That s why i want to know what happened with you guys.....did you have any luck.

thanks in advance

Hi guys,

I have been suffering from the same problem. My count is 2million/ml, Motality-5% and morphology-5% but comment by doctor in the report was no functonal sperm.  

I am worried at this situation is it possible to get baby. I am diabetic patient and age is 44 years. My wife is 31 years. Have there any kind hearted specialist in this track who can help me with suggestion. I shall be ever grateful to you. Please, please reply.




have you seen a fertility specialist yet? My husband suffers from a similar issue - very low morphology.  There was no way we would conceive on our own without the help of a fertility specialist.  After he was diagnosed, (he was 40 when we started), we moved immediately into the world of in vitro fertilization.  Your wife will need to be emotionally ready to deal with some difficult fertility meds so that her ovaries can be hyper-stimulated to produce enough eggs to be removed, then fertilized by your sperm.   The fertility specialist will do a "sperm wash" and inject only the healthy sperm into your wife's eggs and then transplant the egg (or eggs) back into the uterus.  This is a detailed procdure which takes a month or so of prep time and involves undergoing fertility hormones and possibly injections.  Thousands of people go through this each year and it has become quite popular, even for couples who really don't need it.  My suggestion is: Don't waste time if you are serious. And make sure you see a reputable fertility doctor with a high rate of successful births.  When you enter the world of infertility specialists, your life can turn upside down.  My husband is also older.  Our daughter took us 7 procedures and 4 years but we wasted too much time at the beginning with the wrong doctors and wrong meds.   Good luck to you.  It is indeed possible.


Hello James

I have low sperm count and low mobility. i am seeing a urologist for the last 6 months, as Kandinsky said, myself and my wife waisted a lot of time and now after two semen analysis test( one was 0.6  and second was 14 million)  they came with a conclusion that the issue was with  me. I did a blood test and my FSH and Lh were low, so now i am taking clomid in order to stimulate my FSH and LH. i will do an other semen analysis test after 3 months and if still low sperm count and mobility we will start the vitro.

Hope my information will help you.

Thanks a lot for replying.

I am living in one of the poor countries of Asia.  I think there is no expert urologist here. However I am under the treatment of a specialist in sex and fertility problem. He advised me for hormon test. Accodingly I did it and found no problem. So my physician prescribe me to take- 

1. Tab. Roxim-400 mg

2. Proviron -25 mg

3. E-Cap plus.

I do not know what are the chemical name of it.

I request to those physician who are expert in this line please suggest me the easy way. As I am aged so I need proper treatment. From the humanitarian ground please reply.



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