I need a good love spell caster

I need a good love spell caster


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You mean to make someone fall in love with you?  If so, I think that maybe you should try just being yourself and approaching the person.  I believe in G-d and miracles, but I can't say that I really believe in casting a spell on someone in order to get them to fall in love with me.  You can cast your own spell, blow him/her away and be amazing to them.  You can do it.

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well, there's many different love spells around. however I suppose I could teach you one. first you need a red candle, a single hair from the one you desire and one of your own. wait till a full moon, and do this as close to midnight as possible. first light the candle, take the two hairs and lay them side by side. close your eyes and picture you and the person you desire together, and let all your emotions flow from your body. now drip the candle wax on the two hair binding them together and again close your eyes and imagine the two of you deeply in love. do this as long as you like and then blow out the candle. give it a little time and it should work like a charm. you'll notice him or her starting to notice you and before you know it. you're wish will come true. however, always remember, when doing magic, it always comes with a price. so be carefull what you wish for. being as you're probley new to magic, I'd highly suggest you do some research on it first. for example, learn moon phases, the origin of magic, and simple stuff. don't jump ahead of yourself cause you'll get hurt.

There is no many bad casters out there I have spent over three thousands of dollars on casters and then one night I just stayed up trying to find the right one and I did they are very nice and the results are awesome :) http://extremespells.synthasite.com/

I am trying to get to this site but it is only coming up as a placeholder how do i get to this site.

Go to www.liveperson.com and search for Corvus.  He is inexpensive and caring and quickly becomes your friend.  His spells get results.

do not believe in any of them especially a spell caster calle goddess olivia and another on called vera on excellent spells, complete rip off. dont trust any of them as they are all out to make a buck. The first thing they ask you to do is send you the money and fast and thats all before they know the details. ALL COMPLETE RIP OFFS.

here is a good spell caster software, it has demonstration videos in how you could get the best out of setting up spells its based on the concept of radionics. Go to: http://radionicssoftware.com

Try going to www.africavoodoo.com and have him do it for you. So far my sister has had really good results with him.

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I need a good love spell caster

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