How do I turn on aol top speed in 9.5 it aways off

how do I turn on aol top speed in 9.5 it aways offCry

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turn on top speed in aol 9.5

How do I turn on/turn off TopSpeed in AOL 9.0 Optimized?

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How do I turn on/turn off TopSpeed in AOL 9.0 Optimized?
1. On the AOL toolbar, click the Settings icon.
2. On the Index tab, click the Internet (Web) Options link.
3. Click the AOL Browser tab.
4. In the TopSpeed - AOL Web Browser Accelerator section, you'll see the options to turn on or turn off TopSpeed.

  • Choose the Store Web pages I view on AOL for faster browsing option by clicking it to turn on TopSpeed.
  • Choose the Do not store Web pages option by clicking it to turn off TopSpeed.

5. Click OK.

Hope this helps, Rich

I talked with aol tech the problem is aol software for 9.5 they are trying to fix it the top speed is aways on it is there fix. maybe some day it will get done I have waiting a week now.

Should I retnstall my 9.5 software

When you notice TopSpeed Off appearing in your AOL browser window on its lower left hand corner, you can place your cursor over TopSpeed Off and read a popup containing information on what to do next for getting TopSpeed ON.  
HOWEVER, the Idiot Savants at AOL butchered their help instructions by leading you to believe by turning Tunneling on, it will also set your TopSpeed to on. 

When AOL instructs you to turn Tunneling on, do the opposite and make sure you set Tunneling to off, follow the rest of the instructions and reboot.
When you set Tunneling to off, you will be setting TopSpeed to on.
After doing research:
Activate tunneling
Tunneling allows the AOL Desktop Software to work better with your local or ISP network.You may not be able to access specific websites if tunneling is not activated on the AOL Desktop Software. Tunneling allows the AOL Desktop Software to work better with your local ISP network. To learn how to activate tunneling, refer to our help article Activate tunneling with AOL Keyword: Browser Fix.
I have come to the conclusion that setting TopSpeed ON does more good for your AOL browsing than does Tunneling.  So forget Tunneling, keep it set to OFF which will set your TopSpeed to ON.

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