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Asked: Spaying dogs

can a dog in heat be spayed

Asked: Needinformation

countrysideanimalhospital in queensburynewyork

Asked: Spayed dog

My dog is already spayed ( she's a female dog ) and a new dog is on our street, and its a boy dog, and he's not fixed yet. Can my female dog still get babies if they ...well you know....Just ...

Asked: Neutering after having a litter

How soon can I have my cat neutered; she had a litter two weeks ago and is still nursing. This will be the second litter and we do not want anymore kittens.

Asked: What care is needed after being spayed?

what care is needed after being spayed?

Asked: Spay Abbey or not?

Thank you for the above information. I'm in shock and a little denial. My excellent Vet is adamant that my 7+ year old female (mixed breed) should be spayed now to prevent risks such as uterine ...

Asked: My cat is 7-8 years old, spayed, and seems to be ...

my cat is 7-8 years old, spayed, and seems to be bleeding sporadically. Can this be from a period, or does it show sign of something else?

Asked: Why the heck should i get my "inside" cats spayed?

If my three cats are inside cats why should i get them surgically altered? (spayed) Isn't this brutalism? I am ambigious and need resolve. Thank you susan