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I am wanting my wife to spank me.in a role playing ...

i am wanting my wife to spank me.in a role playing senario.i need her to be more controlling in our out of the worlds eye.this is hard to explain.i just feel i need a spanking.i havent done anything wrong.i just desire one.is there something wrong with me??

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oh i think you have been a very very bad boy. just tell her what you told us and i am sure she will want to spank you.

I am your worst nightmare. An intelligent smart arse.

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yes i do need a spanking ive been a bad bad boy

Tell your wife that if she wants you to help around the house she should  theaten to spank you. That  shoud give her the idea that you want to be spanked . it worked for me.

No I don:t think theres nothing wrong with it cause I allso want to be spanked by my wife for dissapline, I haven;t done nothing wrong eather but desiere it very bad.my e-mail is magicmike1999@aol.com anyone who would like to start a mature spanking chat I would be delighted, cause I problly could learn something as well.Cool

why is there something wrong with it? It is a natural desire in some people. whatsmore, it can provide the spice that life sometimes misses.

Are you naturally submissive? Is it something that makes you read more about on the internet? Do you seek satisfaction from others that have experienced this for real. If the answer is yes to any of these questions then it will not be long before your marriage suffers as a result of it. You need to tell her!

I suppose the difficult thing is finding how to tell her. Wifes can be funny creatures and only you really know your wife. I am lucky, I am a Top in a BDSM lifesyle and dont have the problem but...I have seen it before.

Perhaps read something with her on the Internet regarding it and ask her if she thinks its wrong. That will at least give you a clue to her feelings and from there you need to work on it.

Dont risk your marriage for such a simple question and if your marriage is worth anything you wont risk it asking the question...will you?

I couldn't imagine a woman spanking her husband - that sounds like a 6  year old wanting to be punished before he does something.  If my husband asked me to do that I would think he needed a psychiatrist.  It sounds to me like this man gets a thrill out of just thinking about it.  I can't understand why anyone thinks it's just ok for a woman to spank her husband, or vice versa.  It seems that some people like abuse to perk up their sex life.  How this could provide a spice in life that someone is missing speaks a lot for lacking something in themselves somewhere.


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