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My sound is muted on my computer I can see it but ...

my sound is muted on my computer I ccan see it but I can not figure out how to un mute it The little volume icon has a cross on it so how do I unmute it so I can hear sound?

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Are you saying that the little picture of a speaker in the bottom right hand corner of your toolbar has a cross on it?  I have never heard of this, as this is the place where you mute and unmute your volume controls.

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Just double click on the volume icon to open the volume control. There you could uncheck the checkbox 'Mute All'. I hope this will save the purpose. If anymore complications, please let me know.

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My sound is eather muted or I need to download my Audio what ever again!! I dont have the little speaker in the right lower corner!! What should I do???

the best thing you can do is do re install the sound driver again..

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hello ohh i know exactly what u mean.do what bluemanunder says thats the only way i got mine fixed after months /months / and yes more months if u dont have the sound driver cd for the make and model of your pc look for it on cnet and u can download it from there if not what i did was call dell and told them what the problem was well wouldnt ya know it they said ide have to pay for information so i looked at all the cd's that came with my pc  and i  noticed one said something volume so i installed it and right away it worked.hope this helps a bitSmile

Make sure your Soundcard driver is still there, go to Control Panel select Sound and Video Devices make sure there is a sound card listed, if so go trough the setting and see if anything is muted.
Another thing to check is to make sure your Driver is still installed, sometimes just a reboot fixes that, but go and check your Sound card by going in the Control Panel to System, Hardware then Device Manager and look at Sound,Vide and Game Controller if there is a Yellow!!!!! mark if so You may have to reinstall your Driver. Just make sure your main sound is not muted do.


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