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Why some sons seem to hate their mothers?

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I can only guess why. My son hates me too. He was a great kid growing up and the only child for 5yrs. After the other boy was born, he hated him and was not close to his brother. I was a 50's mom, baking cooking making clothes, stayed at home and took good care of them. I showed them how good life can be by example. I did not drink or smoke or take any drugs. Kept a clean house had family parties and made sure they were brought up with religion. My husband was a work-acoholic and was not close to either of them. He drank alot and after so many years of this I got a divorce. Took nothing but the boys and until my son was 19 yrs old and met this girl he was ok. After he married she hated me and distanced him from me because she was jealous. His dad passed away and I was not told. His dad and I grew up together and he meant a lot to me. Since then my son has been rude and is so mean to me (by e-mail) we have not seen each other for 25 yrs. He hates me and accuses me of showing favoritism to my grandaugter years ago when they growing up. I am not allowed to send anything to the house (for 25yrs.) he is so full of hate for me and it was his doing and of course the woman he married. She did everything to keep him on her side and told him how I favor one child over the other 2. Which is not correct. She was married last year, and I was not told------the hurt goes away but its his loss not mine. I cried my tears of sadness, but now I just accept things the way they are. I became a nanny to a little girl (8yrs ago) and she fills my void for a grandchild. I am a lady of 78yrs old and not much time left. His kids missed out on a super grandma. I don't hate, I am not capable of hate-------I think he hates me because when he was 19 this girl convinced him to get married and I think he wanted me to stop him. I know he didn't want to get married. He is now 54yrs old and bitter and hateful ---- I don't want him in my life anymore. I know that I am a good person and maybe he hates me for that. I don't take his blaming me for anything. He has to deal with himself---------

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