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I want to recycle sonicare toothbrush head, how do I do this?

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I had the same thought, as I know there are powerful magnets in each brush head- that must be expensive and/or difficult to produce.

I looked at Philips website. There is nothing obvious. there is a link for recycling the battery in the handle;


but I have not found where to send the used brushes.


Called phillips consumer dept. they said they do not have recycling program for heads.

They said the plastic can be recycled as plastic item. just cut off the brush and remove the magnets. If the bottom goes bad remove the battery and recycle it. the plastic around the battery can also be recylced.

If you are wondering you can not have the brush head reconditioned. hope this helps, i have 10 heads i am recycling.

you can use the magnets on the fridge to hold notes up or pictures whatever you can.


Thanks for asking, we recycle the sonicare toothbrush heads with magnets.  We reuse/upcycle the magnets.  Mining the minerals to create the magnets is very destructive and it is wasteful to just have them buried in a hole, so we collect and re-use them for various artistic purposes.  We can accept any head with magnets in it and we can only reuse the magnets.  The metal is sent to the local recycler but unfortunately the plastics are not recycleable because they are not stamped/numbered/coded by the manufacturer.

Mail them to this address:


1920 Abrams Pkwy #115

Dallas Texas 75214

Please follow these guidelines:

 * Recycle your toothbrush base/handle at your local toxic waste drop off - it  contains the old batteries. Find your local battery recycler at www.Earth911.com 

* do not send styrofoam peanuts

* Please wait until you have collected 5 or 10 heads, then just throw the unwrapped heads in a Recycled cardboard box or use a USPS Priority box or envelop. USPS priority boxes and Envelops are Cradle to Cradle certified

A group of recyclers in Edmonton said that most dental clinics will probably accept these and dispose of them properly. http://www.generalrecycling.com

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