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My granddaughter came home singing the song "Giro Giro Tando . . .girando tutti il mondo . . . "  I remember this from when I was a child.  I would like to have the lyrics (she's 5 and doesn't have them right).  Does anyone know the song?

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Traditional Italian Version:

Giro, Giro, Tondo  -  Quonto e bella il mondo!  -  Cento, cinquanta  -  La gallina canta  -  Canta da sola  -  Non vuole andare a scuola  -  Ma la scuola e tanto bella  -  Canta canta gallinella!

Translation:  Turn, turn around  -  How beautiful the world is!  -  One hudred, fifty  -  The chicken sings  -  She sings by herself  -  She doesn't want to go to school  -  But the school is so pretty  -  Sing, sing little chicken!

Alternate version:

Giro, Giro Tondo  -  casca il mondo  -  casca la terra  -  tutti giu per terra!


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