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My son has cancer....

My 38 yr old son is dying of cancer - I'm having trouble coping with this and do not know how to handle the grief...please help me

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Hi Lizzitish,

I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I'm sure this must be devastating for all of you.

I don't know your location, so I can't find anything specific. But here are two links which may help you find the support you need. I hope that helps in some small way; I wish I could do more.



I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

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I am so sorry to hear about your son.  Regardless, of age, it is hard to see your child hurt or in pain.  I can only add the advice previously given, is to find a support group that you can join to get comfort from others who have gone through this as well.  I think when others are in the same situation, you get better comfort and support by them.  

Seek comfort through church, you may not believe in God, but being around a positive environment may provide comfort when others can give you comfort through prayers.


I am so sorry for your son and you as a mother.  I can't even begin to imagine the tremendous amount of emotions you are going through.  I am a nurse and at our hospital they offer teachings about life and loss with cancer.  Also, I don't know if you have explored the option of hospice for him, but they are great for the patient and greving families and offer a huge variety of support allies.  Just take your time, greive and work through each emotion and remind him how much you love him. Also, some great books are a glimpse of heaven which can show you others experiences with end of life and spirituality.  Good luck to you my prayers go out to you and your family.

Fist I would like to say sorry for your sons illness. There is no one way to answer this question. You just have to stay strong for him, stay by his side and charish every minute you have with him. You thank god for letting you get to know your son and allowing him to remain in your life for as long as he has. Tommorow is never a garantee and even the next hour we live and so forth aren't eather. Many people die before taking there first breath, or as babys, childrens and teens. With no reason they are taken out of our lives. But god only gives you what you can handel, and he know that your son was here to give you great joy, teach you lessons and love and learn from you as well. Give your sorrow to him and love your son for as long as hes still here with you. My prayers and heart goes out to you both.......

Hello Liz,

I'm also sorry to hear about your son's illness and your grief.  You need to find some support within your own community if possible.  Your church is always a good place to start.  If you don't attend a church, ask someone at the hospital where you can find some support.  They will be able to direct you.

Below is another link that may guide you in the right direction.

You and your son will be in my prayers.


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