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Solid Silver Metal ?????

Hello, I have an old Dinner Fork, it is of a plain pattern but is very heavy and the only marking that it has is: "Solid Silver Metal" on the handle. I was wondering if this is make out of solid silver maybe of a .925 silver content of if it is a Nickel Silver alloy? Thank you, for any input anyone may have.

Tom D. in Ohio My e-mail address is: decampt@aol.com

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Hi Tom, Yes, it means that it is close to 100% silver (that's the reason it's heavy) with some impurities (Most probably: Nickel, Copper....). Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

OronD...does that mean an impurity can be radium?  I have several pieces of flatware that say "Simmons Solid Radium Silver" on them...??? any thoughts?

yep evn i suppose its a good quality silver..but make sure to keep it off moisture..




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I bought some old candle stick at an auction the auctioner wanted to start bidding at 500.00 but no one was bidding on 2 of the candle oprea they are so heavy no markings he said people brought here from germany many years ago.  I also go a basket with Royal Sheffield stamp and hallmark or crest.  Looks like one sheet with pound or hammer markings grapes and leafs with handle how can I tell if this is the real deal or plated or what it really is.

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