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First of all, you need all your computers to be connected to the same network via routing equipment. Second, you may want to set up a web server on one of your computers. This server should have all prerequisites for anything you plan to install on it like PHP, MySQL or others (depending on what you are planning to run).

Than, its a good idea to use some sort of CMS so that anyone accessing that web server would easily find what they are looking for. A good and free option is using a wiki. This means people can also add and share information.

You can do lots more like setting public folders and file sharing applications and much more... 

Security is another issue you should consider and think about firewalling any outside access or maybe using VPN. 

Here is a paper about it. It's a little outdated but the fundamentals are on it.

You can read more here

No day in which you learn something is a complete loss.

I would suggest, at least 4 computers, hub, and internet connecting to get start you computer business. For computers, use only the AMD aspect or processor because its much cheaper compared to Pentium.

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Hardware Requirements

In order to have an intranet for your organization, you first have to build a network. This usually requires a server, web server software such as Apache or Microsoft IIS and either wifi connections and cards or Ethernet cables and a NIC. Obviously the size of the organization will determine your specific needs and many organizations will already have all the necessary hardware and server software in place.

Intranet Software Requirement

While you will usually have the server software on hand, running an intranet means that individuals in your organization will access the intranet to find documents, download drivers and updates and conduct searches for information that they are searching for.

Some of the essential web features that you will want to add are:

Client management function - The client management function gives the administrator can control the intranet, such as adding users, removing users and keeping the intranet running smoothly.

Employee directory - One of the most used features of any intranet is the employee directory, many employees are always looking for contact info, whether it is a phone number, email address, fax, title and some can even include an organizational chart.

Project Management - A great time saver is the ability for many people within an organization to collaborate on a project whether it is as basic as a mission statement or as complex as a budget.

Document share - Your organization will want to make available certain information for its members when they need it. This can mean important documents such as reports or other types of documents such as health benefit materials.

Shared Calendar - A great feature to have if you work within a work group or small organization is to know others schedules so that you can collaborate or know project time lines.

Company news - One of the ways that the organization can communicate with it's members is with company news

Discussion Forums - These forums are a great way to brainstorm ideas for upcoming projects or to figure out scheduling issues.

Chat and video web conferencing - Since your intranet will have similar features as the normal Internet; you can easily incorporate chat and video web conferencing.

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